End of NEYDL Season

July 29, 2022

A thank you to our Junior Athletes.

It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to sit back and reflect on our Junior Athletes achievements in the NEYDL this season.

In spite of the woeful state of the training facilities at Gypsies Green we seem to have a group of young children who have blossomed and represented our club with some distinction. 

The NEYDL (North East Youth Development League) takes part over 4 meetings during the late spring and summer months. We are partnered with Elswick Harriers to form our squad and our two clubs secured the division title this year. This gains us promotion to the top tier and fixtures against the region’s big clubs.

It takes a great deal of courage for any athlete to step across that line, on to the track or the field and put their talents to the test. To see so many of our youngest athletes show this courage is something I have such admiration for. To see them do it repeatedly is truly inspiring.

As a coach I get the privilege of seeing them put in the hard work, to improve technique, times, distance. At competition I get to see the delight when the hard work pays off and their faces are beaming with delight at another great performance, another personal or seasons best. What I’ve really enjoyed this year more than most is when something hasn’t gone quite right and the way our kids have reacted. No frowns, no tantrums, huffs or whatever. Just an acknowledgement that something didn’t quite go to plan followed by a determination to do better next time.

The kids we have at South Shields are something to be really proud of, I enjoy a position of privilege in being able to call myself a coach to so many of them. 

I’ll end with saying that it is an absolute joy to see our young athletes wear our club vest and represent our club and town in competition. I’m immensely proud of what you have all achieved this season and hope that you inspire many more to join you.