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Junior/Primary Harriers

At South Shields Harriers strong prominence is placed on our junior athletes. Coaches focus on teaching skills in a fun but intuitive manner. The club has a real family feel to it and often 2-3 generations of a family can be seen training on any given night..

Junior sessions concentrate on getting fit while developing skills.

Numbers for juniors are limited this is so time can be spent on the technical areas of sprinting. The sessions change depending on the calendar, and the focus of each session will vary. The sessions can be tough but rewarding, and all sessions can be delivered to most abilities.

Junior Sessions are held on the following:
  • Tuesday 19:00-20:00 (Ages 11+ years)
  • Thursday 19:00-20:00 – (Ages 11+ years)

We compete in the U-11 Cross country races at 5 of the 6 harrier league meetings. We also compete at the minor X-C at Jarrow in October and the Minor Indoors at Monkton and there is also the Sports Hall Athletics for the U-11.

Primary Sessions concentrate on getting fit while having fun!

Primary Sessions are held on the following:

Thursday 19:00-20:00  (Ages 6 – 10 years)

Typical Primary sessions will include:
  • Hurdles, 30, 50, 60m Sprints. Domes and Dishes and of course British Bulldog
  • Relays – 50m Team sprint assault (with hurdles) 10 second intervals. Box Relays. Cat and mouse.
  • Find the Rabbit, (Jog around top of Stadium) , Hill Races, Tiggy Scarecrow
  • Bean Bag Relay, Squirrels, Sprints 30, 50, 60m teams. British bulldog

As the weather improves there will be more throwing and jumping games and as with all games they are all weather dependant on the night. These 4 weeks above will be used throughout the year with slight variations if requested and weather permitting.

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