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These records are as always open to debate. Feel free to contact us with any records you have and we will happily add them.

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Dave Deacon (Lightfoot, May 92)


Dave Deacon(Leeds May 91)


Dave Deacon (Lightfoot, 17/3/91)

400m48.5Dave Deacon (Lightfoot, 12/7/92) Jarrod Deacon ?
800m1-49.2Lawrence Nicholson( Gateshead 79)
1500m?Mike Kearns??
1 mile4-06Lawrence Nicholson
3000m8-14Alan Richardson: being checked
5000m14-15Alan Richardson Date/location ?

John Prendergast (Gateshead,

Northern League, 29/7/89)

10000m(R)29-02Dave Beris (April 90, South Shields)
10miles (R)48min

Alan Bone

Brampton to


Half Marathon1-07-50

Alan Richardson

(GNR 81)

20 Miles1-46-??Alan Bone (South Shields 77)
Marathon2-28-11Mick Frazer (London 83)
50 miles (T)8-04-11Maurice Robertson (Darlington, Mar 90) UK 60+ Vet record
100000m (T)10-14-22Maurice Robertson (Darlington, Mar 90) UK 60+ Vet record
12 hours (T)71 miles 1086ydsMaurice Robertson (Darlington, Mar 90) UK 60+ Vet record
24 hours (Walk)127 mile 542ydsTom Payne (White City London 17/9/1909) World Record
24 hours (T)104 mileMaurice Robertson (Darlington, Mar 90) UK 60+ Vet record
110mH16.1Dave Deacon (Jarrow, 11/7/93)
400mH50.28Jared Deacon (Gateshead 2004)
3000mS’ch9-48.1Keith Mackay (Lightfoot, Northern League, 7/7/90)
4 x 100m43.8(Cleckheaton,Northern League,14/8/93)
4 x 400m3-22.0(Cleckheaton, Northern League, 14/8/93)
Shot Put12-48Frank Harrison (Cleckheaton, Northern League,28/7/90)
Discus36-30Ed Griss (Cleckheaton, Northern League, 7/5/94)
Pole Vault3-10Lee McCormack (Jarrow, Northern League, 7/8/93)
Javelin42-94Carl Jones (Jarrow, Northern League,11/7/93)
High Jump1-85Lee McCormack (Jarrow, Northern League, 10/8/91)
Long Jump6-45Dave Deacon (Jarrow, Northern League, 7/8/93)
Triple Jump12-56

Babak Fazlali (Jarrow, Northern League, 24/6/93)


3000m11-24.5Diane Cotterill (Jarrow 92)
Half Marathon1-29-57Diane Cotterill (GNR 92)
Marathon3-28Heather Scott (London 91)
Prinsky26-30Luke Adams 8/5/2012
D&M Hairdressers33-57Michelle Ford 4/5/2005
Yachts (Male)16-46Luke Clark 13/3/2012
Yacht (Female)21-26Linda Bone 7/2/2011
Sidney Hitcham Memorial Mile4-16.1Lawrence Nicholson 1977
Bents Relay Lap (on roads)5-06

Mike Kearns 14/12/71~ dead heat on first leg

Mick Frazer 14/12/71 ~

Parlauff9-39Darren Lough + Chris Warnock 2012 (Summer)

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