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I am a Level 3 Performance Coach, and a National Lead Tutor and assessor for UK Athletics. So, as well as being qualified to coach all the many events involved in Athletics (excluding pole vault), I am also responsible for teaching a variety of courses for new and developing coaches.

My Coaching qualifications include:
– UKA Lead Tutor/Assessor
– UKA Level 3 Performance Coach (License No: 2920483)
– UKA Level 3 Javelin Event Specific Module
– UKA Strength & Conditioning
– UKA Anatomy & Physiology & Nutrition modules complete.

I have also completed other lower level UKA courses, as well as some non UKA courses including ‘How to coach disabled people in Sport’, fundamental movement skills, Makaton (sign language training for those with learning difficulties), 1st Aid, and Safeguarding courses.

I am also a qualified and insured Massage/Sports Massage Therapist.

My Club sessions are based on Athletics. Meaning Athletes in my group can expect to train and develop skills which will transfer not only across a range of Athletics events, but also across to many other sports.

Working with a range of Athletes but takes coaching sessions elsewhere.

Tuesday nights, Peter works with a group on sessions based around fitness in the winter and usually works with Jumps in the summer at South Shields Harriers.




UKA Athletics Coach.

Also qualified to coach Triple Jump, Pole Vault, Hammer and Discus. Currently undergoing the Event Group Qualifications for “Sprints & Hurdles”, “Endurance”, “Jumps” and “Throws”(all separate qualifications). I’ve been coaching for altogether for 2 years – 1 year as a Coach and was a Coaching Assistant for 1 year before that.

Generally I coach the Juniors from 11 upwards. From September to March I train endurance aimed at anyone doing 400m up to 10k. I can train anyone from beginners to veterans.

From April to August my focus will be coaching a multi-events and endurance. Each session will look to progress every athletes ability.

My Sessions will be open to everyone regardless of ability, but numbers will have to be limited due to the nature of the sessions (equipment involved or difficulty) but I will have a session plan for a coaching assistant to take if this occurs.


Mostly working with Senior Athletes and Cross Country runners.

I came into coaching when my children came down to training, I took my level one and level two awards with Chris and Paul, during this time I coached kickboxing but gave this up when the sprint group grew in numbers.

I coach two sessions a week Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 7-8 pm

Currently leading beginner running groups

Senior Endurance Athletes and Cross Country Running Coach.

I qualified as a coaching assistant in 2012 and I help to teach Fundamental movement skills, finding and experimenting with different ways to move, jump and throw within safe and enjoyable activities.

Our Juniors age from 6 to 11. At this stage we concentrate on getting fit while having fun.

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