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Johnson Smith

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Smith Hill


Monayna Kruou

Kayak Expert

Endurance Running

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Sessions are often held on the track though many sessions are catered for outside of the stadium. Including tempo runs, hill sessions, the dreaded lawe top steps, and even due to our sea side location beach sessions, helping to ensure none of our athletes get bored.

All of the coaching sessions incorporate warm up sessions and cool down sessions, with the coaches on hand before and after to offer tips and advice.

All of the sessions for adults take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings 19.00 to 20.00.

Although not officially a session many of the members meet up on Sunday mornings around 9am for a long 10-12 mile run, normally taken at a more leisurely pace, with all abilities encouraged along with the faster packs doubling back regularly to ensure no one is left alone.

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